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What is Psychologized?

The meaning of the word "Psychologized" is to describe  something with  Psychological terms. 

This is our main idea, this is Psychologized, the place that everything is a part o psychology.

Our articles are written from Psychologists and specialists . Articles, feels like the motivational echo that everyone really needs to listen. You can read our articles at . We also have our own E-magazine . More than 2.000 people trust our articles.

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 Mental health is a very serious problem, worldwide . But many people can not afford to go to a Psychologist . We are here to help voluntarily , motivate and make happy people, for free.   

If you think that you can be part of our team, you are welcome .

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We are not in a place, we are everywhere ,we can be there , if you have internet and a PC.

We are volunteers, non-profit , that love to help other people.   

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More than 2.000 people trust our articles.